Meet Jerry

Jerry Isenhour learned at a young age that he had an entrepreneurial spirit. Going from small business ventures as a child, he eventually turned that innate passion and leaning into his own business directions. He built various businesses including a chimney service business, a fireplace & outdoor living retail operation, and a manufacturing entity from the ground up. Like any entrepreneur, he enjoyed the freedom and pride that comes with business ownership, all the while continuing to invest his business profits and bank funding into his ideas and concepts. But when the economy tanked in 2008, Jerry helplessly watched all his dreams and his businesses come crashing down. Just about everything that could go wrong did. But that’s not where Jerry’s story ends.

With tenacity, determination, and the support and encouragement of his wife, Sheryl, along with the belief he felt from some of his close friends, Jerry could pick up the pieces and rearrange them to create a new mission and purpose for his life. He decided to embark on a new career, an enhanced life mission to coach others and use his experiences and discoveries to help them reach their dreams, and prevent them from falling into the traps he so solidly found himself in.

Jerry launched CVC Coaching, a business coaching service aimed at helping those primarily in the chimney and venting industry. Jerry offers advice on everything from developing standard operating procedures and systems to being financially savvy and marketing your business wisely. To that end he has built a network of colleagues and clients located across the USA in just a few short years.

Over his years in the industry he has served in many volunteer capacities and functioned as an instructor to train industry members in all the areas required for success. This moved him into a position of being considered as a true expert in his trades. Today he divides his time between training, writing, coaching, education, and speaking. He is one who spends his waking hours helping others determine just what their dreams are and how they can achieve them.

Speaker, mentor, coach, educator, and author, Jerry has now written his story, a task that he was directed to do by others, because he had a story to tell. That story is one that can invigorate anyone who feels that all is lost. His book tells his personal journey as an entrepreneur who built an empire only to see it crash and burn. This book, titled Chaos to Reinvention: How to Turn Chaos into Clarity, is an open and honest retelling of the highs and lows that Jerry has faced in his years as an entrepreneur and in life. His goal in this is to share his failures and his journey, so others may be spared the devastating loss and hardship that he had to overcome. Learn more about the book and get your copy here!

Whether he’s coaching, writing, educating, speaking or sharing his story, Jerry will never sit idly by and watch a client go through what he went through. He aims every resource at his command and all his skills and experience to protect his clients from falling into the same traps he fell into. Jerry’s failure is his strength in that it allows him to share the hard lessons he learned with others so they don’t have to learn the hard way.

Order your copy of CHAOS TO REINVENTION and let it help provide you the clarity to stop thinking about your dreams, and to make them your reality.

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