In life, so often chaos will arise. It can be minor, or at times it can be a major upheaval that can alter our future directions. Chaos could mean to some “My car won’t start today” and that turns life into total chaos. Or it could be that the car is wrecked and we must buy another and there is no insurance coverage. Or it could be the loss of a job, the loss of a business, or even the loss of a relationship. No matter, life has a way of throwing Chaos at us and so often Chaos can be a way that beats us down. We lose our momentum for the day, or perhaps for life.

As the book Chaos To Reinvention has as one of it’s teaching points, Chaos can actually be a way to gain Clarity in one’s direction. Often when Chaos arises we want to look at others and how they have caused the Chaos that has befallen us. And so often, in the panic that Chaos delivers we simply cannot visualize how we may have been the one that started the path that Chaos followed to stop us in our tracks.


The direction we have in life, even as a small child, we determine for ourselves. As children, our parents may see the path we are on to danger, and will take the steps to steer us away from the impending danger. But as we mature into adults, that parental force no longer can stop us in our tracks like it could when we simply heard that commanding voice of our parents saying stop. This could even be reinforced by the discipline our parents used when we went on our wayward ways.

But in adulthood, the only voice that can tell us we are headed into the danger zone will likely be that voice in our heads, that voice that says “stop and think, this may not be the best thing for you”. Perhaps we may have mentors that will warn us as adults that our way is fraught with danger and of the potential of chaos arising But we are headstrong. We drive forward without thinking about what we should be doing.

Like the case of the car not starting, could we have prevented this by having car properly maintained? After all the battery was quite old, long past it’s intended life span, but we felt it would go just one more week. And in effect was this chaos not self-imposed? Or in the case of the wrecked vehicle, was it not our decision to not insure the car? Both instances we could have prevented but we simply did not consider all the factors, and in the end Chaos took over.

But this is life and hopefully this is a life lesson. We each are the masters of our destiny, we are the reason we succeed, but equally we are the reason that we also fail at times. As we look at every time Chaos has arisen in our life, was there a different path we could have traveled? Perhaps a change ion our direction that would have prevented the Chaos that consumed us? Likely there was.

It is sad. These are the things that we all learn as we age, if only we could have used this knowledge when we were young, where would we be today? But there is hope. We can each use this knowledge going forward, and in so doing we can prevent the Chaos that may halt us, and instead of once again feeling defeat, we may just have that opportunity to reach and live our life’s dreams.

Try it! It just may be your gold nugget for your trip to your dreams!