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Reading a book is such an insightful way to learn and gain expertise, and to experience the failures and the victories of another. But the best way to grasp this story is through the words by Jerry himself. Not just as a John Maxwell Certified Speaker and coach, but as a person who is an acknowledged presenter to any who have heard him speak, there is a passion he presents. There is no better way to grasp the meaning of the story Jerry can share with you than in person.

But Jerry brings you more than just how to move from Chaos To Reinvention, as the author of 7 books, and from years of coaching and training he can deliver the message you need in a powerful way that can get the desired message across to the audience.

Jerry Isenhour

Guaranteed to make you think deeply, his story of how to move from Chaos To Reinvention is one that may bring a tear to your eye and create a twinge in your heart as he tells you in his compelling way what it feels like to live when you feel there is no hope. You will share the exhilaration as he relates how certain special people in his life inspired him when he felt there was no tomorrow. You may even detect when he gets a little tearful, as one often will when sharing the true story that only they can tell of the most intimate of human emotions, as his message come from deep within his heart.


But Jerry speaks and has expertise in a vast number of subjects that include standard operating procedures (SOPs), proper customer communications and the ways that trust and relationships are built with customers. Along with this he knows how companies build the authority they need to excel in their markets and communities. If you want to build the skills of your attendees, you can count on Jerry to deliver the powerful message that will move them to a higher level of performance each day.    


If a dynamic speaker for your next event is on your agenda, get in touch with his office, and let Jerry come to you, or present his message virtually from his virtual broadcast studio. The message he delivers will inspire you and your attendees to the greatness each one has inside themselves. He will share the processes that ignite the rocket ship that will take everyone to achieve their own dreams. That rocket ship being the human being they are with the gifts that God has given them to reach their dreams.


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