Close your eyes, and picture this in your mind. You are standing at the bank of a wide river. As you gaze to the other side you see it, the dream you have always had. That one thing you have always wanted. And it is not a mirage, it is real. It is so real you can see yourself in it. But wait, it is on the other side of the river. And as you look down on the river, it appears to be deep, and it has some rapid moving water, but there is a bridge. A bridge to the other side.

Now as you view the bridge to your dream there is a sign there. It says “Bridge is Unsafe” and is advised not to be used. But the dream is there, it is right across that bridge. Your friend with you is warning you, there must be a better way, but you can see the dream so clearly, and you know you are right! You strike out across the bridge, because you can see so clearly there is a big hole in the middle of the bridge, but there is enough room around the big hole that you know you can make it. Throwing caution to the wind, ignoring all the danger signs, you take off across the bridge.


As you approach the hole in the bridge, you think to yourself, I really don’t understand why no one is walking across this bridge, there is plenty of room all around the hole. So you get to the hole and start walking around it, when all at once the bridge gives way and down you go into the river below. As you hit the water you start swimming with all your strength. You are lucky enough to be able to swim back to the shoreline and you have survived.

As you lay there, thanking your lucky stars for being able to swim out of danger, you look down the river. You hadn’t gazed there before, and there you see the faint image of a new bridge they built. It would have only taken you opening your eyes before you started your trek across the condemned bridge and you could have seen it. You think “My friends tried to warn me”. But you have learned a great lesson in life.

The lesson is to compose your strategy to reach your dreams. Open your eyes to the various ways to get there. You have learned a life lesson to put together your strategy to get to your dreams. You don’t have to always cross the dangerous bridge to get there. You may just have to walk across the better bridge. Find the right bridge in your life. That bridge that will take you to your dreams.